Pretty much anywhere you drive in Manchester these days (and in many other New Hampshire locales), you are bound to encounter some sort of road work in progress. Our advice: Count to 10, enjoy a chat if you are lucky enough to have a passenger or two, listen to some music. You may be delayed or even rerouted, but that is part of the price we pay for living in northern climes with a relatively short construction season.

The workers doing the repairs or replacements are probably not having a lot of fun either. But for the most part they are doing the best they can; and your cooperation, even a smile instead of a scowl, will be appreciated.

If you want to be a sidewalk (or drive-by) superintendent, you can do that as well. We’ve all heard of or seen situations where it looks like five guys are carefully watching one guy do all the work.

Sometimes that may be the case. But don’t sit there fuming and cussing about it. If something appears particularly egregious, make a note and report it to your alderman or selectman when you get home or to the office.

But our best advice is, as the signs around town remind us, “expect delays.” Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going; and don’t end up speeding to make up for lost time.

It can only aggravate the situation.

With the President due in Manchester tomorrow evening for an event at the SNHU Arena on Elm Street, you might think about waiting another day if you have any errands to run in that part of the city or around the airport.

This, too, shall pass.