Facebook is in the doghouse with certain liberal constituencies because it declines to edit or censor political advertisements that may contain false statements or misleading claims. We side with Facebook on this one.

Among other things, attempting to tease truth from political claims is often as challenging today as it was when Hamilton and Burr went at it a few years ago. We aren’t suggesting that today’s politicians settle their disputes in similar fashion, in a field with pistols. But ... never mind.

While some political assertions are demonstrably false, others are not; and some fact-checking outfits allow their own political biases to affect their “true” or “false” verdicts.

Facebook says it is adding features that will allow its users some measure of control over the number of political and social issue ads they want to see. But it says it operates from the principle “that people should be able to hear from those who wish to lead them, warts and all.”

It is up to the people to decide whether they buy what some politician or group is selling. Facebook is one platform and while it is huge, we don’t think imposing some government censorship on it is a good thing.

Part of the trouble here is that some anti-Trumpers still refuse to believe that rational people voted for this guy of their own free will. They must have been duped, the theory goes, by Facebook and other means.

Continuing to believe that is not going to win elections. Stating facts and offering sensible solutions to the nation’s problems may do so.