The Rev. Bernard James Campbell (“Father Bernie” to many who knew him) was a New York sports fan but that didn’t stop many in Red Sox Nation from being his fans.We think his growing up in Brooklyn had something to do with both traits.

Father Bernie died last week in Manchester at age 83. He had undergone a heart operation earlier in the year and appeared to be on the mend, his enthusiasm and his love for God and his fellow man very much in evidence, despite a slower step.

He was a Capuchin Franciscan friar, his plain brown robe and warm smile recognizable from a distance.

He ministered to people with disabilities, did signed Masses for the hard of hearing, with his friend, Sister Pauline Lafond, and played in a band. He also took the Mass to people who could not go to him, in particular the men behind bars at the state prison in Concord.

Father Bernie is irreplaceable, to be sure. But a lot of people touched by his kindness and humanity will carry a bit of him in their hearts.