Good Lord, it has finally happened. “Festivus” has been officially invoked in a New Hampshire town. Can the airing of grievances be far behind?

For those unfamiliar with Seinfeld TV show reruns, “Festivus” was an episode that poked fun at the commercialization of Christmas. (Character Frank Costanza explained that he didn’t have a Christmas tree because he found tinsel to be distracting.)

The Durham town council finds anything having to do with Christmas as too distracting. It has now banned the annual “holiday tree” lighting ceremony as well as Santa Claus’ grand entrance.

Oh, the “holiday” tree will still be lit, but under the cover of darkness. And Santa might as well be the impeachment whistleblower. He will apparently just appear out of thin air, rather than be introduced.

The council has also banished the wreaths that used to be displayed on town light poles. Why no wreaths? The council worries that they may be construed as being too close an association with Christmas. Oh, the horror.

Next year, explained town manager Todd Selig, the council will look to hang something from the poles — like a “non-descript star” — to “add light and festivus” to the season.

Meanwhile, nearby Portsmouth has received a request from a Jewish group that would like to display a menorah in Market Square during Hanukkah. Seems reasonable. However, the Chabad Jewish Center might not want to get its hopes up.

The center’s request last year for a menorah in Durham was denied. Rather than find a way to accommodate it, Durham ends up with “Festivus.”

And what is Portsmouth doing now? It is seeking advice from Durham.