The latest in a growing list of studies about funding for New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department says more money is needed and suggests various ways of obtaining it. There’s plenty to chew over there. But what should not be lost sight of is those two words: Fish and Game.

The department needs to concentrate on that key mission: providing for and protecting the various animal and aquatic species and resources on which much of the state relies in all manner of ways.

That means providing hunting and fishing opportunities for residents and tourists alike. It means preserving and managing the wildlife that brings so many visitors to catch a glimpse of the mighty moose or the majestic bald eagle.

All the above is part of the tourist economy on which many Granite Staters rely for their livelihood.

“Connecting you to life outdoors’’ is the department’s current tagline. We think it is too broad.

Other state departments also play a role in those connections and need to shoulder the burden. The latest study is an opportunity for New Hampshire lawmakers to look anew at what are the priorities for Fish and Game and whether it is being asked to do too much.