If the Democrats are going to fund elective abortions with tax dollars, they are going to need more tax dollars. How to do it?


Just break promises and rescind tax cuts.

The carefully scheduled cuts in state business taxes have proven themselves. This despite then-Gov. Maggie Hassan and her party claiming they would “blow a hole” in the state budget.

They did no such thing. A second round went into effect only because revenue increases established in the initial round proved out.

The Democrats running the Legislature don’t care. They have spending plans to get to, facts and figures be damned. They intend to repeal a round of tax cuts already in effect and kill another round already scheduled.

Not only would their budget throw cold water on the state’s current business boom, it would send an astonishingly terrible message to any businesses that might be thinking of coming to New Hampshire or expanding here.

Gov. Chris Sununu has made it quite clear that he would veto such a budget. It would not just be the right thing to do, it would politically help him in his third-term race next year.

We can almost hear him telling the Democrats, “Go ahead. Make my day.”