Trump shirt

Epping High School freshman Ciretta MacKenzie was told she had to cover up her Trump shirt during a school event. Epping High Principal Brian Ernest later apologized.

Good for Epping High Principal Brian Ernest for admitting a mistake he made last week. Before he did so, the Epping Trump T-shirt saga was going from silly to absurd.

To summarize the story: A freshman at Epping High School wore a “Trump, Make America Great Again” T-shirt to school last Monday. Fearing that this could cause sensitive souls to faint dead away, the principal ordered the student to cover up the shirt.

That was wrong and we suspect most of the students knew it, even if Ernest did not. (He does now.)

School Superintendent Valerie McKenney initially declined comment, which may have been her best option, given her subsequent statements.

Invoking the patented public bureaucrats’ defense, Supt. McKenney said an “investigation” had been launched and because it involves a school district employee, it’s a personnel matter.

Meaning what, exactly? That students, parents, teachers and the entire Epping community are never to know what kind of stern talking-to or after-school detention may have befallen poor Ernest because he made the wrong call?

Supt. McKenney issued a statement in which she wrote that when the “investigation” is complete, “we will take steps to remedy this situation for all parties involved and ensure that this type of situation never happens again in any Epping school.”

Those will be some steps if they can ensure that such a situation will not happen again, ever, in any Epping school. It might require the permanent closure of the schools, which seems a bit drastic.

It would have been better had the superintendent and the principal simply called an assembly and had someone explain the First Amendment. With Ernest’s apology, that should still happen. But if it’s a “personnel” matter, we won’t bet on it.