Ratings such as “best of’’ or “prettiest’’ and the like can often be as much subjective as objective.

Beauty and the eye of the beholder, etc.

But for the third time, Money Magazine has rated Nashua the best place to live in New Hampshire. Good for Nashua!

It’s not that there aren’t good arguments to be made for many other spots in New Hampshire for the rating.

But the good news is that the ranking for Nashua reflects well on the rest of the state, too.

Indeed, one of Nashua’s attributes that Money cites is shared by the whole state.

“Residents enjoy the perks of being an hour’s drive from the cultural and educational hub of Boston but arrive home to a charming town with no sales tax and a rich history.”

The drive might be longer from some New Hampshire homes, but most spots have charm, and they all come with “no sales tax and a rich history.’’

The magazine cited Nashua’s lively and always improving downtown area and its mill buildings. (Manchester is on a similar path.)

A strong Nashua education component was cited, which should also excite Manchester as it works through a private initiative, Manchester Proud, to improve its public schools.

The rating is a nice way to end 2018 for the Gate City. For other cities and towns, it provides something to shoot for in 2019.