Better news on the school front (see related Manchester editorial above) last week came from the North Country, where a new Catholic elementary school was launched in Gorham.

Salve Regina Academy opened its pre-K through grade 8 school with 43 students and much optimism. Catholic education was once a strong element in New Hampshire, despite a century-old prohibition on any public aid. It was clearly discriminatory and anti-Catholic and ought to be junked.

With innovation being a hallmark of state Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut’s efforts, perhaps we might see a miracle in this regard.

Meanwhile, Salve Regina has its own guardian angel to help it get on its feet. The Rev. Kyle Stanton is the pastor of parishes in Gorham and nearby Berlin, and his faith and infectious energy are more than a match for any doubting Thomases. Pray for him. Better yet, send him a donation for Salve Regina Academy in Gorham.