Manchester’s crime rate continued to drop in 2018, an important statistic that is not a matter of luck.

The “predictive policing model’’ that former Chief Nick Willard instituted is being vigilantly pursued by his successor, Chief Carlo Capano, and it shows. The computer analytics program helps inform the police as to where trouble is most likely to occur and where to deploy resources. A force of more than 230 officers allows that to happen.

Violent crime was down nine percent in 2018. There were double-digit drops in robbery, burglary, and other areas.

Neither the city’s residents nor police can afford to rest on their laurels. Vigilance must continue and the law must be firmly enforced.

One item of concern noted by Chief Capano is a new bail law that lets subjects in non-violent crimes walk free without posting any bail. Sometimes, a suspect is gone before the police can complete the paperwork on him or her. And that can lead to more crime committed by the same individual.

On the plus side, the chief noted that the public, with help from us in the news media, are helping to solve robberies. Competent law enforcement, backed up by an engaged and informed public, are essential to Manchester’s continued success.