Of the trio of gun-related bills vetoed last week by Gov. Chris Sununu, the one that supposedly would ban firearms from schools makes the least sense. An individual bent on doing great harm at a school isn’t going to be deterred in the least by a law that would make gun-carrying a misdemeanor. Or a felony. Or punishment by life imprisonment.

Such a law would, of course, prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to protect children and unarmed adults from such a person.

“Gun-free” school zones are not made so by means of posting a sign that reads “gun-free zone.” That might be possible if every school installed metal detectors and armed guards at every entrance and every person entering, be they first-grader or grandma, were frisked.

More focus on common-sense security and safety measures, especially at entrance points, is a better strategy for school safety than a false sense of security fostered by a laminated sign.