If Manchester School Board member Rich Girard (see related editorial) ends up being put in the public stocks, Dartmouth Professor Emeritus Richard Ned Lebow can keep him company.

We’ve written before on the trouble Lebow got into one day last spring in an elevator in San Francisco. Attending a conference of the International Studies Association, Lebow made a reference to having the lift stop at the ladies’ lingerie floor.

If one is old enough to remember department store elevators with human operators (or even department stores), one may recall being told what floor of the store held a particular department.

And if one is that old, one may be astounded by the absurd political correctness that finds “offensive’’ a remark such as Lebow made.

But sure enough one Simona Sharoni, professor of “women and gender studies’’ at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, heard the remark and was thus offended.

She and another woman on the elevator found this to be sexual harassment. She complained to the association. “I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that we froze and didn’t confront him,’’ she wrote.

The studies association ordered Lebow to apologize. He declined, instead writing that complaints like this take away from serious issues concerning harassment and inequality.

It’s a very good point, but it is completely lost on narrow-minded zealots who care more about the optics than reason.

Lebow says his “case’’ will be brought before the association next year, and he wants to see the bylaws changed to reflect common sense regarding harmless jokes.

Good luck with that, professor.