Even when we may disagree with their decisions or actions, we applaud those New Hampshire men and women who step up to run and serve in public office. It is often a thankless task, making it all the more meaningful when the person devotes time and effort to it.

The key phrase here is to “to run and serve.” Individuals who do the first and then fail to do the second do a disservice to the public and fellow office-holders. Exceptions are understandable for unforeseen life or health circumstances of a serious nature.

Manchester school board member David Scannell resigned his seat last month, saying he is moving out of Ward 2.

He worked hard to convince voters to put him in that seat and it is unfortunate that he decided he could not complete a single two-year term without leaving.

At least Scannell resigned. Raymond school board member Maurice Titcomb is just one year into a three-year term. He has missed so many board meetings (almost 40% of them) that the rest of the board has asked him to resign if he misses another meeting without sufficient reason.

Titcomb says he “maybe” missed “a few meetings but it was unintentional.”

His defense, which sounds like it came from the school playground, not the school board room, is that other board members “have taken a lot of time off, too.”

“Taken time off?” What, do they get vacation on the Raymond school board?

The Raymond board is scheduled to meet tonight, June 5. It has asked Titcomb to sign a letter promising not to miss another meeting without good reason.

Titcomb said last week that he wasn’t sure if he would do so, but that he may resign in September. He and the town of Raymond would be better off if he moved up that departure date.