When New Hampshire agreed to an Obamacare program extending Medicaid coverage to another 50,000 Granite Staters, it was with the proviso that the able-bodied among that number would seek employment of some form.

But now that the program is in effect, with Medicaid benefits being paid to these recipients, the state is unable to “find” them to tell them of the work requirement.

The state even spent $100,000 to hire a private firm to do the “finding.” More than 50,000 calls were made but, the state says, the trouble is some people didn’t answer, some people wouldn’t answer questions and some hung up.

So now, we read, the state has the okay to “exempt” many of these people from the work requirement.

This is hilarious.

The state was able to “find” all these people to sign up for Medicaid.

The state and federal governments are now paying for those people.

But now they can’t be found?

Here’s a thought: If the state suspended the Medicaid cards of the missing, we bet they could be found in a hurry.