What things those young people get up to these days. First it was bobbed hair and gold-fish swallowing. Now “gender reveal” parties are a thing, we are told.

No longer do families wait until the baby is born to find out if it’s a girl or a boy. Not only can you find that out long before the big event, letting your friends know is now a big event itself.

As our correspondent, Jason Schreiber, reported earlier this week, some of these “reveals” can be a bit over the top. One such is said to have caused an explosion that could be heard and felt within 20 miles of a Kingston quarry. That is where authorities suspect someone used a substance called Tannerite along with blue chalk to cause the big bang.

We were familiar with the Tannerite term, but it took us a minute to figure out that blue chalk wasn’t part of the explosive but an indicator that it’s blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Whatever happened to a simple announcement card sent in the mail?

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The punishment (and attendant reeducation) of two Bedford police officers may have been a bit harsh for their offense but that’s difficult to determine. In fact, Chief John Bryfonski has not shed much light on l’affaire TikTok, in which two of his men using the video social platform apparent…

Columnist George Will had a nice turn of phrase last week for what New Hampshire’s congressional delegation and Democrats nationally are up to with their attempt to nationalize elections. Will says it “reflects an appetite for constitutional vandalism.”

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