Manchester should vote for a new mayor this Tuesday.

Challenger Victoria Sullivan presents a pretty clear-eyed and candid assessment of problems that threaten the city; but she also has a can-do attitude about facing the problems and a positive view of the city’s pluses and potential.

Joyce Craig is a nice enough individual but she has headed a do-nothing administration. She claims credit for things that she had nothing to do with (two hotels, yay!) and blames others for the homeless sleeping in front of City Hall.

Craig tries to fool taxpayers by saying she submitted a tax-cap budget (she has to do so by law); cites the aldermen as the reason why she didn’t bother to veto a much bigger budget; and then has the brass to claim credit for every item the new spending allows.

Being mayor of the state’s largest city is not a job for the weak of heart or one beholden to the unions.

Example: Craig’s (failed) attempt to junk the school board team that is actually trying to hold the line with the teachers union.

There are times when change is needed to shake up the status quo and prevent Manchester from sliding backwards.

Tuesday’s election is such a time and we are confident that Victoria Sullivan is capable of leading the city, rather than following the aldermen and unions.