We knew John Wood through his work with the Salvation Army in Manchester. He was not only its former advisory board chairman, he was a familiar, and friendly, face at Army events as it strove without much fanfare to assist some of the city and area’s neediest individuals.

We didn’t know, until we saw his obituary, how many other things he did for his community and his state, in addition to his military service for the nation.

Wood earned the distinction of being a Paul Harris Fellow through his local Bedford Rotary Club. They don’t hand out those fellowships like candy, more like a rare coin. It signals a devotion to Rotarian, i.e., community service, that goes above and beyond.

It doesn’t surprise us that Wood also served the town of Bedford, on the budget committee, on the parks and recreation commission, on the public library foundation, etc.

People like John Wood are what makes a community. We are fortunate to have had this native Ohioan adopt New Hampshire many years ago. We are richer for it. Our condolences to his family and many friends.