That’s what the 2020 Democratic presidential field needs: an old, white liberal. And make that a billionaire, the better to go up against the (self-proclaimed) billionaire and fellow senior citizen incumbent.

Michael Bloomberg, 77, was described last week by one liberal news medium as a political “centrist,” proving that beauty is in the (CBS) eye of the beholder.

We suppose that, compared to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the former New York mayor seems relatively moderate. But he is in fact a big-spending, big-government liberal who wants gun control in the worst way.

He also doesn’t seem to want to have to actually campaign by facing voters and answering questions, which is why his aides say he will pretty much skip the New Hampshire primary in a couple of months. Better for him, it seems, to try to buy the nomination by way of huge media buys in bigger states.

Bloomberg is said to be getting into this because he is worried that the current big three, Bernie, Warren, and Joe Biden, would lose to President Trump.

That’s the one thing he may be right about, which is why some New Hampshire voters, independents and Democrats alike, are starting to look at true moderates like Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Michael Bennet as February nears.