The New York Times quite rightly has egg on its face due to a woefully sloppy job of reporting on a book about now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Lost in all the dust, however, is something else in the book that further undermines the claims against Kavanaugh as a young man.

In the first instance, the Times initially reported a sensational claim about Kavanaugh’s conduct as a Yale student. Only after that claim received wide attention did the newspaper add an editor’s note that the woman supposedly victimized had declined to speak with the book’s authors and did not recall the incident having happened.

Receiving less attention, however, is a report in the back of the book that seriously questions the testimony of the key witness against Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

That would be Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, whose televised testimony last summer was a powerful indictment against Kavanaugh. His subsequent Senate confirmation was by the barest of margins.

But a close high school friend cited by Blasey Ford as being at a small gathering where Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted Blasey Ford says she doesn’t “have any confidence in the story.”

Leland Keyser told the book’s authors that the more she though about Blasey Ford’s story, the less sense it made.

Keyser also reveals that mutual friends attempted to pressure her into supporting Blasey Ford’s claims last summer, even to the point of threatening her.

Several Democratic presidential wannabes were demanding the impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh a few days ago. House Judiciary members are apparently not so keen on that right now.

We can see why.