Of the two contenders who sparred with Mayor Pete Buttigieg during the latest Democratic “debate,” it was U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar who spoke of substance. Sen. Elizabeth Warren went for the cheap shot with her one-liner about the mayor raising money in a “wine cave.”

The young mayor from Indiana had a good retort for Warren, noting that he was probably the least wealthy of those on the stage and defending whatever it takes, including money from rich folk, to successfully challenge Donald Trump.

Klobuchar’s criticism was different. She noted that the Democrats need someone with experience and a record as their nominee and while she has them, the young mayor does not. Neither, she added, does he have a record of winning statewide office.

Buttigieg lost his only statewide race, for state treasurer in Indiana. Klobuchar could have added, but didn’t, that the TOTAL vote count in the mayor’s only two elections to date has not exceeded 15,000. Buttigieg was left without much of a rejoinder, sputtering about how he had served in the military and that should count.

The round went to Klobuchar. The race is getting interesting.