Compromise being the theme for the day, it was encouraging news for boaters over the weekend that the state will improve their access to Lake Sunapee.

But improving the boat ramp at the state beach should not be the end of the matter. The great lakes of New Hampshire are and by right should be fully open to the boating public.

Improving a boat ramp on a beach frequented by hundreds of families, including little children, is an improvement for the boaters but it also has the makings for serious trouble and safety issues unless all parties are vigilant and tolerant.

The new state capital budget, itself a compromise, earmarks $740,000 for the Sunapee plan. it includes dredging at the boat ramp to accommodate larger craft.

The Fish and Game Commission says it will continue its search for other points of deep water access along the lake. That won’t be easy. It tried for years to put one at the state-owned Wild Goose site, but parking, traffic and politics ultimately doomed it.

We hope a new search won’t be another wild goose chase. Lake Sunapee is a New Hampshire treasure that ought to be open to all.