There are worse things abroad in the land than allowing public funds to support a child’s education in other than government-run schools. Much worse.

In fact, public schools are in need of more competition. Many seem powerless to stand up to teacher unions or to the continuing push in the classroom for a far-left ideology that many parents abhor.

Those decrying dollars going to “religious schools” are often the same groups that continue to bitterly oppose charter schools, even though the latter are in fact public schools using different methods and with fewer restrictions in an effort to improve education.

The flexibility and agility of non-public schools has been demonstrated most recently during the COVID pandemic with fewer interruptions to in-class education.

Allowing parents to use education vouchers to send their children to other than public schools is being done in New Hampshire and across the nation. The State of Maine decided to fund such a program, but it specifically excluded parochial and other religious schools. The U.S. Supreme Court said that is discrimination, and it is.

Such funding does not “establish” a religion. It does provide an opportunity for parents to exercise their own preferences for their child’s education, one perhaps more in keeping with their own values, which are shunned or worse in some public schools these days.

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It is Father’s Day and, in the interest of transparency, full disclosure, and all that jazz, let the record show that this writer is a dad.

Fans of the newest federal holiday, Juneteenth by name, are upset that businesses are using it to sell their products. There is something distasteful, it is said, about celebrating the end of American slavery by selling ice cream and toothpicks, among other things.