Manchester holds its election today for a host of city offices, including mayor, aldermen and school board. We noted in these pages on Sunday our choice of Victoria Sullivan for mayor. In a supposedly non-partisan race, she has more than held her own against a Democrat machine that would have made James Michael Curley blush.

It’s actually a good thing that Sullivan’s opponent, Joyce Craig, is as ineffective as she has been at City Hall. Otherwise, the machine would have done even more damage.

It may yet, unless voters choose independent-minded individuals in key races. Those would definitely include Joe Kelly Levasseur and Will Infantine for the two alderman-at-large seats. Levasseur and Ward 12 Alderman Keith Hirschmann have fought on the side of taxpayers against tough odds.

Voters in Ward 10 and 11 would do well to choose Ray Hebert and Russ Ouellette to join Levasseur and Hirschmann in fighting City Hall. Hebert’s foe, Bill Barry, is the guy who managed to thumb his nose at both the city charter and school district rules at the same time recently.

It would also be good to see former Ward 4 Alderman Jim Roy return to the board. His opponent, incumbent Chris Herbert, seems to have lost what little interest he had for the work. He couldn’t be bothered to respond to our voter information questions.

Also encouraging is that long-serving school board member Ross Terrio is running for Ward 7 alderman. He would be a good addition to a board in need of repair.

Tim Baines was one of the independent-minded aldermen who tried to get the indecisive mayor to take action on homelessness and crime. The bad news is that Baines isn’t seeking reelection. The good news is that both he and Will Infantine are on the ballot for a commission to review the school district. (See related story, Page A1)

The good news, too, is that in this age of disenchantment with politics, so many citizens have stepped up to serve our city.

Now it is the voters’ turn to step up.