Today is an election day in Manchester. Those who choose to have a say in their local government have an opportunity today to select candidates to move along to the next, and final, voting in November.

There will be more competitive races in that general election. Today, voters should make sure that Alderman-at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur advances. We have disagreed with him on some issues but Levasseur is unquestionably one of the most passionate and concerned public representatives.

He is also one of the few fiscal watchdogs at City Hall these days. Vote for Joe.

Ward 7 incumbent school board member Ross Terrio is stepping up to run for alderman in his ward. He has been tireless on the school board and would be the same as an alderman.

Terrio is the only Ward 7 candidate to make it clear that he supports the city tax and spending cap. He is also clear-eyed about the problems facing the city. Taxpayers could use him at City Hall.

While some candidates were up front in saying they would ignore the tax cap, others tried to dance around the issue in our survey. (Results are at

Incumbent Ward 11 Alderman Normand Gamache says he is “in support of our city’s tax cap as currently written.”

Translation: He is for it until Mayor Joyce Craig presents a budget that shatters the cap. Then, loyal Gamache falls in line to override the cap.

Ward 11 voters should instead vote for Russ Ouellette, whose answer to the tax cap question was priceless.

“Are you even kidding me with this question?” he wrote. “Every two years all the candidates get asked this same question, and every two years you get all the same answers, that they support and respect the tax cap. The funny thing is that these are the same people that vote to override the tax cap every year.”

Ouellette came close to winning last time.

Ward 11 should make sure he gets that chance today.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Asked at his press conference last Thursday why teachers aren’t getting first priority for vaccinations, Gov. Chris Sununu noted that teachers deal with the age group least susceptible to the ravages of COVID-19. He also said that if a teacher is age 65 or over, or has serious health conditi…

Friday, January 15, 2021

Sorry, but we don’t buy the New Hampshire GOP’s “cutting the line” complaint against our two U.S. senators for getting vaccinated last week anymore than we buy the Democrat response that the Republicans had “crossed the line” by “viciously attacking female members of Congress.”

The state’s electronic message boards along our highways can be helpful in emergencies and when traffic backups warn that a different route might be in order. When not used for traffic information, however, things can get confusing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Sunday, January 10, 2021

We don’t know about the students, but the Manchester School Board and district officials have real trouble with numbers. Just over two years ago, they paid an outside consultant to tell them they were going to need more space at the elementary level because those schools were overcrowded. Le…

The lack of proper security at the U.S. Capitol last week was frightening and appalling. Some called Jan. 6 a day, like Pearl Harbor, that will live in infamy. We agree. It should also invoke the equally historic phrase of “never again.”

Friday, January 08, 2021

Wednesday’s rioting and insurrection in Washington, D.C., underlined the importance of yesterday’s inaugural ceremonies in Concord being a public event. Indeed, the Washington spectacle makes it all the more vital that such business be conducted in public. Regrettably, Gov. Chris Sununu had …

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

At the Derryfield Country Club, he was known to many simply as “Mr. Golf,” and for good reason. From his earliest years on a standout Manchester High School West team, through his competitive years in city and state events, to his play in the Profile Seniors circuit, Billy Conway was known a…

Sunday, January 03, 2021
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We have no sympathy for the loud and foul-mouthed individuals who feel they have the unqualified right to harass and disrupt the peace and privacy of public servants in their own homes. Recently, it has been Gov. Chris Sununu and his young family who have been targeted. But it could be any p…