There will be a contest for the mayor’s job in Manchester this fall. That’s a good thing.

Whether one thinks first-term incumbent Joyce Craig has done a good, adequate, or failing job at City Hall, having her defend her policies and positions will give voters a better means to gauge her.

Craig will have at least one credible challenger in Victoria Sullivan. There may be others before the fall elections.

Craig should not underestimate Sullivan. She will not be easily dismissed by a resort to infantile labeling by political hacks. That tactic has already begun with Democrats calling her a “Trump wanna-be” and added in “fringe” and “extreme” for good measure.

Really? Is Mayor Craig going to be satisfied with being seen as a party hack herself or will she play at a higher level?

Sullivan’s campaign offered several substantial areas of criticism of the city’s direction, including an image Manchester has gained as a less-than-inviting place and an administration more interested in spending than in adhering to a voter-backed tax cap.

A robust debate on the issues is what Manchester needs and deserves right now. Craig and Sullivan should commit to providing it.

Perhaps having two women, both moms, in the race will also prove to be a good thing.