We don’t know if the now-canceled, non-public meeting between the Manchester Proud group and the Manchester School Board was the bright idea of the group or of the public’s elected representatives.

But it had no business even being considered.

Good for the four school board members who declined to go along with the proposal.

Jimmy Lehoux, John Avard, Rich Girard, and Lisa Freeman objected to the lack of “transparency” for this meeting.

That’s one way to put it.

Another is to say that this meeting would have violated the state’s Right to Know law concerning non-public meetings of elected boards.

Where was Mayor Joyce Craig in all this?

The Manchester Proud group pointed the finger at the school board, of which Craig is chairman.

“Some members of the board’’ a group statement read, “felt that holding a nonpublic workshop might be helpful for having candid and open discussion.”

No, what would be most helpful is for the people’s elected public representatives to conduct such “candid and open discussion” at a posted and publicized public school board session where the public that elects these people and pays the taxes to support the schools can learn just what Manchester Proud has planned.

There should be no “nonpublic” meetings by the school board on this matter.

It’s not only unlawful, it’s counterproductive and leaves citizens to wonder why they aren’t in the loop.