Does Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig have a specific number in mind when she says she favors more refugee resettlement in the Queen City?

Under a new Trump administration program, both an individual state and the particular municipality must sign off on accepting such resettlement. Gov. Chris Sununu has signed off for New Hampshire and it appears Mayor Craig would do likewise.

Refugee numbers have been much lower under Trump, which may be why Sununu said yes to this new protocol. But smaller overall numbers doesn’t mean those numbers will be equally divided among states. Nor does it mean that those numbers will not increase.

In recent years Manchester was at times overwhelmed as social service agencies accepted more and more refugees, without bothering to seek local permission or even to inform the city.

The Trump policy appears to address this lack of buy-in.

But Mayor Craig should proceed with caution to (a) make sure the city can set a cap on numbers and (b) get buy-in from the board of aldermen.

She may not technically need the latter, but she would be wise to obtain it.