Perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised that New Hampshire Democrats have turned judicial appointments into a political litmus test. They were scraping the bottom of the regular political barrel and may have felt the need to expand.

The political theater of the absurd was stretched to the limit this week when Democrats and their chorus expressed shock, shock! mind you, over Gov. Chris Sununu at a Republican Party fundraiser.

The governor’s sin? Auctioning off a copy of the big-government “family leave” bill that he vetoed. He also auctioned a state and U.S. flag that had flown over the State House the day of his veto.

Paid lobbyists at something called the “Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy” found the governor’s auction action “disgraceful.” Apparently it is okay for this “community organizer” group to be paid (its web page doesn’t say who is paying, or how much) to push for this government mandate. But for a Republican group to find a way to raise funds from its veto? No fair!

The Democratic Party was also on its high horse because of the use of the flags in this auction. After all, they had flown over the State House. That is true, and anyone who would like such flags can purchase them at the State House Visitors’ Center.

That is just what a GOP state representative did in this case.

But that’s not the problem here.

It’s that the Republicans thought of it first.