Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig is clearly in high campaign mode.

Her latest stunt is an attempt to put her thumb on the side of the teachers’ union in ongoing contract negotiations with the school board.

Pulling the rug out from under the city’s side is deplorable, but Craig is gambling that (a) it will solidify her union support and (b) parents will be happy to have happy teachers for their children and won’t notice when their tax bills go up even further next year.

Craig, no doubt, also figures that if the school board rejects her plan to sack its negotiations team that she can claim that she tried her best.

As mayor, Craig is supposed to head the school board, so her stunt is all the more appalling. By scrapping the board’s team, which has stuck to its guns on not giving in to highway robbery, it tells the teachers’ union that its stalling and foot-dragging is working.

School board Vice Chairman Art Beaudry is urging the board at its Monday night meeting to “receive and file” Craig’s request, meaning ignore it.

It would be a mistake, he says, to disrespect a city team that has worked in the schools’ best interest.

“If we change our team,” he asked rhetorically, “is the union changing theirs?”

It is an election year for the school board as well as the mayor. While some members might want to follow her appeasement position, they shouldn’t count on voters to be so gullible.