Manchester needs a mayor. There is a primary election next Tuesday that offers voters a chance to remedy that situation this November.

Some people outside the city — and even some city dwellers — labor under one of two false assumptions. The first is that Manchester has done away with the mayor’s office and runs on autopilot.

The second is that a woman named Joyce Craig is the mayor and that leadership is unneeded and vastly overrated.

The lack of a mayor shows in the increase of violent crime and in the increase in homeless, or as Craig now calls them, the “unhoused.”

It shows in last year’s shutdown of public schools while Catholic schools stayed open and thrived.

It shows, literally, in the graffiti spreading across the city like mold. And it shows in the failure of City Hall to live within the tax and spending limits that had to be forced upon it by the voters.

Manchester desperately needs a mayor. The good news is that there are two genuine candidates for the job on Tuesday’s ballot. We favor Rich Girard because of his previous years of experience at City Hall and on the school board. It might disturb the sleep of some aldermen and department heads to see Girard wielding the gavel, but taxpayers would rest assured that they finally had a mayor again.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Students at the University of New Hampshire rank their school relatively favorably on a range of free speech issues. How favorably? Enough to place UNH as third-best nationally according to an annual ranking by FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

An oil leak off the California coast brought the usual, and ever-louder, clamor for an end to fossil fuel use. One report we read said that even the huge container vessels that ply the seas must be converted from oil use to batteries. The report did acknowledge that the batteries might have …

Friday, October 08, 2021

We’re not going to kick Mark Zuckerberg, he looks like too much of a crier; and we can’t blame Facebook for being rapacious. Of course it is. It tell us so every day in the posts we are fed. Users can hardly feign surprise. Nor is it surprising that such a large and successful company might …

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Kingston state Rep. Ken Weyler, an M.I.T graduate and former commercial airline pilot, has given long and loyal years of service to New Hampshire. Like many legislators, that work for his state and country didn’t begin at the State House.

Sunday, October 03, 2021

The lynching of democracy in New Hampshire last Wednesday morning was not Gov. Chris Sununu’s finest hour. We expected his press conference later that day to begin with a ringing denunciation of those who had successfully shut down an Executive Council meeting. We expected him to make it cle…