Merrimack County’s long-serving sheriff, Scott Hilliard, has been charged with aggravated drunk driving. Merrimack County’s new county attorney, Robin Davis, is being sued in civil court by a former employee who charges bias in the workplace. It has not been a good week for Merrimack County.

Neither individual has had his or her day in court yet. Hilliard is presumed innocent until proven guilty of the criminal offense. Likewise Ms. Davis, who won her post on a write-in last year, will have her chance to defend herself.

Since both positions are elective, both individuals are ultimately answerable to the people of the county. But in the meantime, the question of public confidence in the administration of justice in Merrimack County should be addressed by Attorney General Gordon MacDonald.

The attorney general is the state’s chief law enforcement officer. If he hasn’t already done so, we expect MacDonald will move to investigate both situations and let the public know just how the wheels of justice are continuing to turn in the meantime.

That is pretty important, we think.