The people we elect to spend, or save, our money and represent our interests in Washington have once again announced a multi-million-dollar “award” in “federal funding” to help combat the drug epidemic.

It is a worthy pursuit, for sure. But once again our congressional delegation fails to mention what checks are in place to keep track of this astonishing amount of money, or the worthiness of specific projects. And, as usual, there is nothing in the latest announcement that the source for all these millions of dollars is the taxpayers.

This time the amount is more than $26 million. Almost $23 million of it is the second half of funding under the state “opioid response” program.

Other mind-numbing numbers are also tossed in.

More than $3 million from the federal CDC as part of that agency’s “Overdose Data to Action program.”

According to a joint release, “Thanks to the delegation’s efforts (again, no mention of the taxpayers’ efforts), New Hampshire will receive a total of nearly $35 million in SOR grants in FY 2019, more than a ten-fold increase compared to FY 2017.”

The delegation nicely noted that “colleagues from both parties and the Trump Administration” helped get all the money. “Important progress” has been made in the fight, said Rep. Anne Kuster. Apparently this was not the place to mention Manchester Mayor Craig’s election-year complaint that the state’s response to the issue is failing to keep out of Manchester the drug abusers from elsewhere.

So much for “progress.”