As noted here last week, we think the Nashua High School North students objecting to a Junior ROTC air rifle class on school grounds (actually on an outside field) are wrong.

But we admire their willingness to get involved.

That involvement must come with certain understandings, one of which should be obvious: if you are going to step into the kitchen, you can expect some heat.

Nashua School Board member Doris Hohensee is herself facing heat because she (A) identified one of the students on a Facebook posting and (B), according to the school district, agreed with another’s comment “that the student deserved ‘heavy backlash’ for her post.”

All of which “violated the requirements of the city charter by placing the student in danger.”

The school board is demanding Hohensee’s resignation and apology.

It is unclear just how Hohensee’s own Facebook remarks were responsible for the verbal attacks on student Paula Durant.

If they were truly irresponsible, Hohensee may deserve censure.

But being asked to resign seems a bit much. Young Ms. Durant had identified herself, both in speaking to the Union Leader and with her own Facebook postings about the air rifle issue.

It’s a shame but it is a fact of social media life that taking a position brings out the worst in some people.

Hohensee also asks a good question of her board: When did it meet to vote on her resignation?

She was not informed of such a meeting, which may have been illegal.

The board was meeting last night and planned to review its vote on the air rifle issue.

Perhaps the Hohensee matter will also be addressed. Stay tuned.