If your child has decided that he or she wants to change their name or “status” as to gender or “gender-nonconforming,” the Nashua School District will be happy to help. But don’t expect it to inform you, the parent. After all, the child’s “privacy” must be protected at all costs.

Nashua’s school board approved a policy last month that states (bear with us):

“Parents and/or students are encouraged to discuss with building administrators any issues that may arise in relation to a student’s transgender and nonconforming status, including but not limited to privacy, official records, names and pronouns, restrooms, locker rooms, other gender-segregated facilities or activities, dress code and safety and support for transgender and transitioning students.”

The policy, we are assured, has been vetted by the lawyers and is consistent with state law.

How nice. But what about the parents? Dissenting board member Doris Hohensee said the policy as she reads it allows a minor child to change his name and “gender preference” at school, and the school is not to tell the parents.

But board chairman Heather Raymond said that children “have some medical privacy when it comes to these types of issues — when it comes to anything regarding sex and sexuality — so we have to be very careful how we address these things.”

Parents, it seems, are out of the loop unless little Johnny or Pat chooses to inform them.

This is outrageous. And dangerous. And despite being “vetted” by a school board lawyer, it leaves the Nashua school district open to all manner of legal trouble. Parents should be included in any and all meaningful decisions involving their minor children. To do otherwise is unconscionable.