The stories we have been reporting of New Hampshire individuals and businesses stepping up to meet the viral pandemic are inspiring but not at all surprising. Our small state has long been characterized by its neighbor-helping-neighbor attitude. It was meeting challenges long before anyone ever heard of “GoFundMe.”

There are the “sewing champions,” as writer Kimberly Houghton called them in her story about the Bedford Sewing Battalion. It’s a group that has rallied to make surgical masks (more than 300 in the first 48 hours) for medical workers. Locally-headquartered Primary Bank has stepped up to help buy supplies.

Likewise, the Merrimack Mask Sewing Effort has formed to meet the challenge.

There are the toilet paper heroes, too. In Berlin, the call was heard at Gorham Paper and Tissue, which is operating on an around-the-clock basis to meet the needs of area nursing homes and the public.

Farther south, Pete’s Toilet Rentals owner Dan Smart was in Kingston this week giving rolls away to seniors. His business is still operating despite the virus but he just found it very rewarding to help out.

In case you missed it, Gov. Chris Sununu reminded people of the online, which is coordinating those who wish to volunteer. A new site to help match retired health pros with needs is at And can aid companies that have the means to make and deliver medical supplies.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020
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