The U.S. Mint will honor American innovation with a series of new dollar coins from the 50 states. Gov. Chris Sununu seeks public suggestions for the three New Hampshire finalists he will send along to Washington.

Surely, he must consider Berlin’s Earl Tupper, who gave us Tupperware. What of the equally practical Joe Glidden of Charlestown, whose innovations perfected barbed wire-making?

Charlestown was also home to Charles Way, who improved the snow shovel. Campton’s Sylvester Marsh revolutionized food processing before he and Franklin’s Walter Aiken came up with the cog engine that climbs mountains.

What of Samuel Blodgett? He didn’t invent the mills of Manchester, England, but replicated them here in the Queen City, using his canals and locks system to channel the force of the mighty Merrimack River.

In modern times, where would video games be without Manchester’s Ralph Baer? And innovative games must include Derry’s Alan Shepard, who used an improvised six iron to hit golf balls on the moon.

None of these, however, measure up to the work and wonders of New Hampshire’s adopted son, Dean Kamen. His insulin pump, portable dialysis machine, stair-climbing wheelchair, LUKE robotic arm, and Segway transporter, have made life easier for millions. And that may all be prelude to what results from his ARMI artificial regenerative tissue and organ efforts now underway in Manchester’s millyards.

You can submit your choices to the governor via the Office of Strategic Initiatives at Deadline is July 16.