The federal government is trying to stop the New Hampshire Lottery Commission from selling its products beyond our borders. So what else is new?

This time, it’s an online version, or versions, of the very successful and, indeed, the first modern lottery in U.S. history. The state has begun an online lottery game, as well as continuing to sell current games over the internet.

The feds apparently don’t like either one. This may have something to do with the fact that Nevada gamblers still don’t like the competition. One, Sheldon Adelson, is a pal and financial backer of one Donald J. Trump, which might have something to do with this latest interference.

Adelson runs a group that, with a straight face calls itself the “Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.” It would better be called the “Coalition to Stop Competition.’’

New Hampshire just put its toe into purely internet gaming. But it has long been marketing its established lottery games online and its profits are significant: $5 million annually. Up until recently, the feds were fine with that, even offering legal guidance in 2011 that only sports betting online was questionable.

Granite State oldtimers may have had a sense of deja vu from this latest federal meddling. When the first state lottery was established, the feds refused to let it sell tickets or even promote the lottery through the U.S. Post Office. Wonder what the odds will be on this latest fight?