We will withhold final judgment until we hear the finished product, but based on the name and short promotional clip, it sure sounds like New Hampshire Public Radio won’t be heaping much praise on the New Hampshire Presidential Primary in an upcoming series.

That would be unfortunate, given the primary’s rich history and positive role; and a bit of a head-scratcher, given how much NHPR itself gains from its association with the first-in-the-nation primary.

Perhaps it is just an attempt at sensationalizing and hype to attract listeners, but that isn’t exactly the standard that public radio holds out as its brand.

But what else to make of the upcoming podcast that has been entitled “Stranglehold?”

Its summary: “How one small state got its hands around our presidential elections. Now it won’t let go.”

Besides scatalogical references that we doubt would make it onto its airwaves, NHPR promises a “different” story than the one in which the New Hampshire primary is held out as an example of democracy at its finest, a place where presidential candidates actually meet voters.

Instead, the promo says, this will be a story about power and how a state that is smaller and “way whiter” than most states wishes to “cling to tradition.”

Ahh, like certain voters are said to “cling” to their guns and religion, perhaps?

Oh, well, It may prove instructive for its listeners, and underwriters, to hear what the station really thinks about New Hampshire and our primary.