Did the New Hampshire Democrats running the Legislature this session get the memo on “bipartisanship,” so often touted by titular party head Jeanne Shaheen as the way to good governance?

Judging from their actions thus far on a state budget, the answer would be no. Their budget plans seem specifically designed to provoke a confrontation with Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican. Perhaps they see that as their best shot at unseating him next year.

But in light of Sununu’s expressed wilingness to compromise, it is the Democrats who are going to look bad, at least to New Hampshire taxpayers.

Despite claims of compromise from Lou “the Lionhearted” D’Allesandro, (he was sure that he could work up a budget deal satisfactory to all parties), that’s not exactly how it has gone down.

D’Allesandro and company are, for example, insisting that New Hampshire go back on its word to business by repealing tax changes, some of which have already gone into effect. That’s a great way to instill confidence. And it’s a heck of a way to promise that the Democrats are willing to compromise.

A further indication of what they mean by “bipartisan” was shown when House Democrats declined to name a single Republican to the budget conference committee.

On Wednesday, Gov. Sununu made it clear that he is still willing to compromise. In fact, his promise to increase spending to make it more in line with the Democrats is a little too much for our money.

If the Democrats again reject Sununu, he will have every right to veto their budget. New Hampshire taxpayers need to be prepared to back him up.