Gov. Chris Sununu has wielded his veto pen often, and wisely, this legislative session. He has no reason to feel anything but pride that he said “no” to legislation that didn’t pass his test for what is in the best interests of New Hampshire.

But one seeming rationale he issued the other day to explain a record number of vetoes struck us as odd.

There were a lot of vetoes, he said, but there was also a record number of bills passed . And he signed a lot of them.

He said 397 bills were passed, 333 bills were signed (83.88% of total bills) 55 were vetoed (13.85% of total bills) and nine became law without his signature (2.27% of total bills).

And dreaming up and passing almost 400 new laws is supposed to be a good thing?

Umm, we tend to agree with the line, sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain, that no man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.