We know this is an era of low unemployment nationally and locally, but having just 11 individuals respond to a head hunter’s supposed national search for a new superintendent of schools for Manchester is beyond disappointing.

The school board has reduced 11 applicants down to just three. It now expects citizens, if interested, to invest three hours of time all on the same night this week to hear from the applicants and ask questions.

The three one-hour sessions will be held this Wednesday at Memorial High School starting at 5:30 p.m. The board intends to make a decision the next day.

Noting that two of the three finalists are currently the temporary co-superintendents, our story on the subject opined that they should be “very familiar to Manchester residents.”

We think that’s a wee bit optimistic. Both women have been in the school system for several years but unless parents had a child in Hillside, Parker-Varney or Southside in the last few years, they might not know Amy Allen or Jennifer Gillis at all.

We think it’s a good thing for citizens to turn out to hear these two, plus third finalist, Salt Lake City educator John Goldhardt, this Wednesday night.

Nothing against any of the three, but the school board should insist on two things. First, there should be at most a one- or two-year contract with the new super. Second, the board should look around for another head-hunting firm the next time it needs one.