While still marveling at how Durham desires to make Christmas more “inclusive” for non-Christians by ignoring it altogether, we note that the Timberlane School District is getting some pushback for its own political correctness.

Timberlane High School seniors have traditionally worn gowns of one of two colors: white for the girls, burgundy for the boys.

But district Superintendent Earl Metzler has decided to put an end to that practice in favor of burgundy for all. Why? Why, to be “accepting” and “inclusive,” of course.

That would be “inclusive” of gender non-specific students.

How many of these students there are in the district we don’t know and don’t know how the superintendent would know. It must be against some law or code of conduct to even think of inquiring about anyone’s sex, sexual preference, etc. no?

How, exactly, would the one-time wearing of either a burgundy or white robe be so harmful to someone that they should have veto power over what the majority of students might prefer?

Meanwhile, Durham councilors are said to be taking some heat for their further shunning of Christmas (already an unnamed “holiday,” in their parlance). No matter. Durham will celebrate winter this year.

It better hurry up and do so while it can.

From what we hear from some environmentalists, winter is not long for this world.

Then again, neither may Christianity be.