Long known for our outspoken and bold editorial voice, the Sunday News today endorses, wait for it, mothers.

Mothers are not only the greatest thing since sliced bread, they actually buy the bread and make the sandwiches. If you’re extra nice, they may even cut off the crusts.

Mothers rank right up there with apple pie, which they also make, if you’re lucky.

Long before there was Uber, there was Mom’s car to take you to your friend’s house or to piano practice or to school (remember school?) if you missed the bus (remember the bus?). When you were old enough, Mom might teach you how to drive and then, if you were still being good, let you borrow her car.

Mom can mend torn pants as well as broken hearts and her warmth can bring down a high temperature in no time.

Mom isn’t biased. She knows for a fact just how fine a son or daughter you are, and that goes double for her grandchildren. Which is another reason why you might want to do something special for her today. If you’re lucky, she may watch the kids for you this week.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

The punishment (and attendant reeducation) of two Bedford police officers may have been a bit harsh for their offense but that’s difficult to determine. In fact, Chief John Bryfonski has not shed much light on l’affaire TikTok, in which two of his men using the video social platform apparent…

Columnist George Will had a nice turn of phrase last week for what New Hampshire’s congressional delegation and Democrats nationally are up to with their attempt to nationalize elections. Will says it “reflects an appetite for constitutional vandalism.”

Sunday, June 06, 2021
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Friday, May 28, 2021

We may never know if a Manchester police officer’s act of kindness to a teen would-be shoplifter will make a difference in the teen’s life. But it certainly brightened the day of a lot of Manchester residents and others who read our story or saw the TV newscast about Officer George Morales.