Chris Pappas speaks to supporters after his victory over Republican Eddie Edwards. Pappas was sworn in as U.S. Rep. for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District Jan. 3, 2019.

It is not new, during federal government shutdowns, for someone to suggest or loudly demand that no one in Congress should be getting paid when rank-and-file workers go payless.

What is unusual is when a congressman actually comes forward to refuse the pay.

So, good on freshman New Hampshire Rep. Chris Pappas. He announced last week that he will refuse his pay until the shutdown has been resolved.

We trust that Rep. Pappas will not accept any “retro” payment. We also trust that few others in Congress will follow his lead. We trust that Sens. Shaheen and Hassan and Rep. Kuster will not follow Pappas.

We would love to be proved wrong.