This afternoon the green flag will wave at New Hampshire Motor Speedway over NASCAR’s Foxwoods Resort Casino 301. Over the past several months the option of attending any in- person sporting events has been in the same category as going to the cinema: out of the question.

The speedway has put together a plan to allow a limited capacity, open-air event with precautions in place. Some theaters in New Hampshire have opened for capacity limited shows. Tupelo Music Hall in Derry has turned indoor shows into a drive in experience.

Many social media armchair quarterbacks will denounce all of these activities as unnecessary and dangerous during a global pandemic. They may have a point, but New Hampshire yankee values dictate that decisions affecting an individual be made by that individual. Each of these things has a built in-risk. It is up to the individual to look at the risk and the precautions in place to decide what the right course of action is for themselves and their families.

These are the same sort of determinations the Granite State has been relying on its citizens to make for decades. Whether it is smoking menthol cigarettes, having a gun in the house, or wearing a seatbelt while riding in a car, Live Free or Die runs far deeper than a slogan on the license plates.

The Governor seems to understand this regarding his handling of the COVID-19 response. Well planned events and activities have been allowed to move forward, school opening decisions have been kept as close to the individuals affected as possible, and so far masks have remained optional.

New Hampshire has fared reasonably well through this crisis. We must all keep our guard up to ensure we continue to fare well. We are confident the governor has his finger on the pulse of this crisis and can make changes when personal decisions have the potential to create a public health crisis that affects more than the individual.

There has been an outcry from many during this crisis for the government to take care of us, like a child crying out for a parent to “fix it.” There are many roles for all levels of government during this pandemic but controlling every aspect of daily life is not one of them. We must always remember that ours is a government by and for the People. Government does not exist to take care of us. It allows us the freedom and opportunity to take care of ourselves. Do the right things, be careful, wash your hands, wear a mask, protect yourself and your neighbors. We are all responsible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

We are thinking of establishing an award to duly recognize the most fantastic, over-the-top, errant nonsense uttered or issued in a New Hampshire political campaign. We know, that covers a lot of ground. We won’t test our readers’ memories on this. We will instead start from scratch: 2020 ca…

Sunday, September 20, 2020
Friday, September 18, 2020
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A bit of good news amidst the ongoing worries over a pandemic, drought, and political tomfoolery came in our Monday business section report on a Mittersill ski project in Franconia Notch.

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Today the New Hampshire Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in a case regarding release of the so called “Laurie List” or more formally the “Exculpatory Evidence Schedule.”

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The news of the pending retirement of Catholic Medical Center’s Dr. Joseph Pepe is bittersweet. He richly deserves time to spend with his family and we wish him all the best, but his departure (next June) will be a big loss for CMC.

Friday, September 11, 2020

It has been 19 years since Sept. 11, 2001, seared into America’s soul a terrible reminder that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. If the United States is to remain that land of liberty, it must always be on guard, in big ways and small, against those who would deny us our freedom.

In April of 1963 the USS Thresher departed the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for dive trials following an overhaul. The nuclear-powered boat launched as the fastest and quietest sub in the depths of the Cold War.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020