A legislative committee is apparently scared of the Lord’s Prayer. The House Education Committee doesn’t want anything to do with the prayer that Jesus taught.

Even though the prayer’s mandatory recitation in public school classrooms was spiked by the U.S. Supreme Court a half-century ago, a state law encouraging its recital remains on the books.

The prayer is not said in public schools but the very fact that it is referenced in the law apparently bugs the hell out of a legislator, whose bill would remove the law.

The betting would have been that the enlightened, Democrat-controlled House would be all for such a bill; but a funny thing happened on the road to perdition.

Some conservatives moved to amend the law to include state acknowledgement of religious freedom in New Hampshire and its historical role in America.

God, no!, the majority must have thought. We don’t want to have to go on record in such a debate.

Instead, the committee has voted the matter “inexpedient to legislate.” The old law stays on the books. Amendments not taken up.

Disaster averted.