The off-Broadway tryouts called the New Hampshire Presidential Primaries are now near the end of Act Three. Some of the peripheral characters who added humor to the plot have now all exited, stage left, and we are now down to plot resolution. Time to pay attention to who dunnit, or at least who is going to do it.

Chasten Glezman, the man Pete Buttigieg married, is on the playbill to replace Melania Trump as first spouse.

Eight years apprenticeship to the greatest appeaser since Neville Chamberlain is a stage credit of Joe Biden and he is proud to have been Obama’s understudy. Whether he lost his fastball is not an issue. Did he ever have one is not in dispute either.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for us all. Her own career plan as a doubly protected person was cool. When not on stage, she is a very smart Harvard professor.

The prospect of four years with a very sincere grumpy old man who dreamed of being the head of a Communist state from an early age has a certain humor to it. The reality less so.

A Midwestern Congresswoman announcing her candidacy hatless in a snowstorm has a certain appeal in New Hampshire. Vanity of vanities is a common theme.

Miss America has done away with swimsuit fitness, so the audience has had to be content with a trim Hawaiian entrant modeling a wet suit in the Rye surf.

The billionaires are trying to reach the audience by going paid media big-time because they can. Two-dimensional TV does not play well here.

Who will make it to Broadway?

Vote your choice as I will vote mine. It is time to get serious.

--Jack Falvey