We have lost count of the number of presidential candidates officially or unofficially in the 2020 elections already but it is remarkable and bodes well for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

Indeed, in addition to Democrats by the boatload, it now appears that there will be a serious challenge on the Republican side as well.

Former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld looks like the longest of longshots against President Donald Trump. A guy named Eugene McCarthy was given the same odds in New Hampshire in 1968 against President Lyndon Johnson.

In any case, it is healthy for the state of the union that an incumbent be challenged and make his case to the voters. How that plays out with this incumbent will at the least be interesting.

On the Democrats’ side, the active pace of campaigning here by a dozen or so candidates shows that they take New Hampshire seriously. Concerns about early voting in California and elsewhere may have been overblown but still bear watching.

The next New Hampshire primary will mark 100 years since it has been the first in the nation. Or perhaps it will be 99 years. Secretary of State William Gardner will wait to pick a date until he is confident that no “similar event” will precede the Granite State.