We don’t suppose there is much harm in ABC-TV’s plan to incorporate news from New Hampshire’s presidential primaries into a live performance of one of its sitcoms on Feb. 11. Rather than a sitcom, though, wouldn’t a reality TV show such as “Survivor” make more sense?

After all, more than a few candidates will be voted off the island that night. Why not have some of them appear live? We bet the intrepid Vermin Supreme would make himself available, boot and all.

Not that Granite Staters or serious voters nationally turn to entertainment networks much for political news. Cable, along with news websites, are preferred.

A local exception might be WMUR-TV. But since it is an ABC affiliate, it may take some creative programming to work its own primary reporting into the election-night episode of “The Conners.”

We think the venerable Tom Griffith, longtime TV9 news anchor, looks a bit like Conners’ star John Goodman. This could be must-see TV.