New Hampshire’s weather is supposed to turn noticeably cooler this week. Residents tempted to turn up the thermostat may instead opt for another sweater, given the high price of energy.

Or they could look for the warmth from the next mass protest by “activists” who intend to save the planet while we freeze in the dark.

The latest display had more than a touch of irony to it.

Protesters were arrested at the Merrimack Station coal-fired power plant in Bow. That plant, equipped with costly cleaning scrubbers, fires up only when the regional demand for energy maxes out the supplies of natural gas and other cleaner fuels. (The protesters don’t like natural gas, either.)

We suspect a DNA test of these protesters would find some perfect matches with a previous generation of activists. That would be the one that tried to stop construction of a power plant designed expressly to replace the fossil-fuel-burning that so upsets today’s bunch.

Protests didn’t stop the Seabrook Nuclear Plant, which has become and remains one of the region’s most successful and reliable energy producers. But they did drive up its price and force its builder into bankruptcy.

They also caused the end to plans for a second Seabrook unit that would have contributed even more to reducing the fossil fuel use that the Bow crowd is protesting.

One protester got it right when she said, “We screwed it up. We have to do what we can to fix it.”

Unfortunately, we don’t think she meant building a nuclear plant, or even bringing hydro power down from Canada.